30 years old • Roge

30 years old • Roge


Retail lives in transformation. To keep up with it, technology and innovation are required. Having this in its DNA, Roge has always been concerned about delivering the best to the market, to the employees and the community. Therefore, it has become one of the largest distributors of healthcare products in Latin America. 


The challenge was creating a communication to show Roge's greatness to the public that still didn’t have this perception and also how much the company has evolved and revolutionized retail. With this, we needed to expose the values present in the brand's universe in the 30 years of its history. 


Reposition brand and purpose, create a 30th anniversary institutional campaign and connect Roge even more with its partners and employees, promoting this relationship through a convention. Setting a tone for this language was essential. 


We started by rebranding the Roge brand, creating a new visual identity and the 30-year seal to commemorate the date. We defined the personality and made the tone of voice of the brand, indicating how it should communicate with customers, partners and the community. We also promoted internal actions and created the "Interconnecting Dreams" campaign, represented in the video below.

Of these 30 years of Roge, 22 have been by our side. A campaign that adds to our history of partnership 

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