Latin America Digital Campaign • SYNNEX

Latin America Digital Campaign • SYNNEX


SYNNEX Westcon-Comstor – the IT market leader in solutions delivery – has identified an opportunity in a pain that the pandemic has brought to many companies: remote desktop security. With that, he turned to Ideatore to publicize his solutions.


Our client needed to take security solutions throughout Latin America . And that was one of our biggest challenges: creating campaigns in 03 languages ​​segmenting the relevant audiences for the company.


Our team developed a strategy for capturing and qualifying leads, offering Gartner reports and other nutrition content. So, by optimizing the ads, we reach a relevant audience, delivering high conversion with bigger and more accurate results.


In all, there were 7 campaigns with +1700 leads, with 350 ready-to-sale contacts and 140 requesting direct contact with specialists. On social networks, the ads reached more than 6 million impressions and more than 40,000 clicks. All this in an international context, running in 3 languages..

Each campaign had its geographic focus and ran, in total, in 36 countries in Latin America.


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